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Welcome to Nutana, Saskatoon.  Review recent real estate sales data including average house sale prices and ten year house price trends for Nutana, Saskatoon.

Nutana, Saskatoon Real Estate Sales for 2008

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Average House Price Trend for Nutana, Saskatoon

Average House Price Trend for Nutana, Saskatoon

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The average household income for the Nutana area of Saskatoon is $60,173

6,662 people reside in Nutana is a total of 3,330 households (an average of 1.9 persons per household)

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In Their Own Words - Nutana "Reviews" from Area Residents

Living in Nutana has had a stunning impact on the quality of life my husband and I enjoy in Saskatoon. On a whim, we can now walk just a block or two from our peaceful tree-lined street and go to Broadway restaurants, pick up gourmet groceries from a local deli and bakery for a fresh meal, hold a BBQ with friends at a riverfront park, take our bikes over to River Landing, downtown, and the Farmer's market for various events and festivals, get an ice cream cone and take a sunset stoll along riverfront trails, and just generally get out more and enjoy all that Saskatoon has to offer. This is a side of the city we rarely experienced when living in another Saskatoon neighbourhood, and we're both amazed by how much Nutana has inspired a change for the better in our lifestyle. I'm looking forward to enjoying another beautiful summer right in the center of Saskatoon.


My spouse and I moved to Saskatoon in late December 1999 and bought a 1921 house in Nutana in May 2000. For us, it is the perfect neighbourhood in Saskatoon. We can walk downtown and to the university and are waiting to see what bike routes open up to the farmers' market by spring.


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