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Welcome to Lawson Heights, Saskatoon.  Review recent real estate sales data including average house sale prices and ten year house price trends for Lawson Heights, Saskatoon.

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Lawson Heights, Saskatoon Real Estate Sales for 2008

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Average House Price Trend for Lawson Heights, Saskatoon

Average House Price Trend for Lawson Heights, Saskatoon

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The average household income for the Lawson Heights area of Saskatoon is $70,293

5,095 people reside in Lawson Heights in a total of 1,860 households (an average of 2.6 persons per household)

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In Their Own Words - Lawson Heights "Reviews" from Area Residents

My wife and I moved our family to Lawson Heights in 1994. At the time, we had two small kids who both found good friends in the area. By 2004, our little ones were getting big and our home no longer met our needs.  We needed something larger.  All of us agreed that we were not leaving Lawson Heights.  We just feel “at home” here, so we sold our house and bought another at the opposite end of the area.  We like it just as much here as we did over there.


Our children went to River Heights School because of their desire to learn French so we have little first hand experience with the area’s elementary schools, though our friends in the neighbourhood all seem to speak highly of them.  As far as high schools go, both of our children had excellent experiences at Marion Graham Collegiate which offers an environment which challenges its student and holds them accountable for their actions.  Our son is one of those kids that chose to be involved in almost everything.  He has participated in the SRC and a number of extra-curricular activities and he feels like the faculty has had a positive impact on him.


I won’t get into to talking about how “great” the people are, as it seems for the most part that we encounter terrific people wherever we go in Saskatoon.  It’s more of a local culture than one which is neighbourhood specific.  I will say that we’ve appreciated our neighbours at both of our Lawson Heights homes.  They’ve all been very decent people; kind enough to offer a smile and a wave but respectful enough to allow you some privacy.


Another thing I appreciate about Lawson Heights is the terrific amenities and its central location.  I work downtown and I can get to my office in about seven minutes, even when traffic is heavy.  With Circle Drive, it’s equally easy to get to the East side or the West end, and we seldom find ourselves in the car for much more than 10 to 15 minutes, often much less.  The Mall at Lawson Heights provides very good shopping and there are three major grocery stores in and around the area.  Circle Drive is just minutes away and offers an abundance of shopping opportunities.  The South Saskatchewan River Valley is practically in our back yard.  There are some 20 kilometers of bike and walking trails which wind along the river valley from Lawson Heights to far beyond the downtown area.    Additionally, the area has a civic recreational facility with an indoor pool, an excellent public library, a great indoor soccer facility, and lots of beautiful park space.  From my point of view, Lawson Heights is an excellent family area which really lacks nothing.


Norm Fisher

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