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Welcome to Lakewood, Saskatoon.  Review recent real estate sales data including average house sale prices and ten year house price trends for Lakewood, Saskatoon.

Lakewood, Saskatoon Real Estate Sales for 2008

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The average household income for the Lakewood area of Saskatoon is $53,353

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In Their Own Words - Lakewood "Reviews" from Area Residents

I've lived in Lakewood for years now and I'm always amazed by the difference between what this area looks like from the outside and how it feels to live here. To look at it, you'd think you'd feel crowded and overwhelmed by people. But, it's just the opposite. We're on the outside of town. There is so much open space - you can still see the sky clearly at night. There are always people walking their dogs or just exercising. It feels like a community not a commune as it may appear like. It's great to be walking distance from the grocery store. And there's surprisingly very little traffic. I love living here and will miss it when we have a family and move away.

Jennifer on March 26, 2007

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