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Welcome to the Erindale, Saskatoon.  Review recent real estate sales data including average house sale prices and ten year house price trends for Erindale, Saskatoon.

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Erindale, Saskatoon Real Estate Sales for 2008

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Average House Price Trend for Erindale, Saskatoon

Average House Price Trend for Erindale, Saskatoon

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The average household income for the area of Erindale in Saskatoon is $90,712

4421 people reside in Erindale in a total of 1,375 households (an average of 3.1 persons per household)

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In Their Own Words - Lawson Heights "Reviews" from Area Residents

 I have recently moved my family from Lawson Heights to Erindale. The children are 8 and 7.  My sig other and myself bought a home on Gillam place. I have changed the childrens school from St.George to Father Robinson.[A very positive academic and social move]  We both work at the University, so avoiding the bridge is fabulous, and the commute every week day is much nicer.  The neighborhood is safe, clean, people are friendly, and there are  2 grocery stores only a short 3 minute drive away!

Since purchasing in November [prices are not cheap] We have found that the streets are cleared of snow very regularily [unlike Lawson] We are minutes from everything, yet, we have the privacy we need and neighbors are not on top of one another if we choose to sit on our deck. If I had to rate the area, it would be a 10 out of 10.  Well worth the money!

Joanne Christie

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