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Welcome to Arbor Creek, Saskatoon.  Review recent real estate sales data including average house sale prices and ten year house price trends for Arbor Creek, Saskatoon.

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Arbor Creek, Saskatoon Real Estate Sales for 2008

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Average House Price Trend for Arbor Creek, Saskatoon

Average House Price Trend for Arbor Creek, Saskatoon

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 The average household income for the Arbor Creek area of Saskatoon is $99,631.

4,643 people reside in the Arbor Creek area in a toal of 1,550 households (an average of 3 persons per household)

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In Their Own Words - Arbor Creek "Reviews" from Area Residents

We moved to Arbor Creek four years ago and it is the best real estate decision we have ever made. The area is full of parks, the best walking trails in Saskatoon and two of the cities best greenhouses are also located nearby. Are you a golfer ? We even have a driving range and a minature golf course with REAL grass greens. Everything you need is very close by, including shopping malls and grocery stores. In my opinion, there are two very much sought after area's in Saskatoon, Arbor Creek and Briarwood, with the later being more expensive to live in. Compare condo numbers in both area's - Arbor Creek has less condo's and more single home dwellings. Arbor Creek is THE area to live in!


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